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God's Big Story - Week 01

Creation / Happy Beginnings

Genesis 1 - 2  /  November 05, 2023


So why on earth are you on the earth? Your sacred purpose is to spread God’s rule over the entire world, starting where He has planted you.

God's Big Story - Week 02

The Terrible Lie

Genesis 3  /  November 12, 2023


Genesis 3 features a terrible lie, an incredible promise, and an (almost) unbelievable encounter. Pastor Jeremy shows us how this chapter explains the pain of our every day lives and the promise of a better future.

God's Big Story - Week 03

The Hero Is Here

Ephesians 1:7 - 8 / November 19, 2023


Though we are enslaved to sin and face certain destruction, there is a way of Redemption and rescue because the Hero has come!

God's Big Story - Week 04

Let's Begin, Again

Revelation 21 - 22 / November 26, 2023


This final week of God's Big Story looks at the forever home we'll have with God once He re-creates all things, and we get to begin again with Him.